150+ Awesome Research Proposal Topics and Ideas 2021 | Quick Assignments Help

150+ Awesome Research Proposal Topics and Ideas 2021 | Quick Assignments Help

Suppose a professor requires you to select a topic for a research proposal? What should you do?

Students at one point must submit research proposals and make presentations. Selecting unique research proposal topics is pivotal to writing a successful proposal.

Topic selection is a challenging activity for most students. It takes a lot of time to choose an interesting topic that is suitable for your research proposal.

This guide will help you understand how to select great proposal topic ideas. It provides a comprehensive list of research proposal topics that you can brainstorm.

Selecting the best topic helps to produce excellent research papers. It also improves your overall grade.

How to select good research proposal topics

It is crucial to choose research proposal topics that interest and inspires you to write. Researching and finding credible and relevant support for your thesis statement is easier when the subject is interesting.

The target audience will also enjoy reading the research proposal. Consider the following steps when looking for a research paper topic

  • Find your interests
  • Write an argumentative research paper question
  • Brainstorm topic ideas
  • Create a solid and relevant thesis statement

Elements of research proposal

A research proposal is a formal document that explains your research idea. It presents a research topic and justifies it to a target audience.

It also explains the practical approach to performing the research. The following are elements  of a research proposal

1.     Title

The title of a research proposal paper should be clear and concise. Make sure it is informative and unambiguous.

2.     Summary

The abstract or summary is an overview of your research paper. It should be clear and brief. It informs a reader what to expect in the paper.

3.     Hypothesis

This is also known as a research question. It is what your paper should answer. The hypothesis should be well articulated.

4.     Introduction

This paragraph introduces your topic. It provides background information on the subject. It also presents the main message of a research paper that is the thesis statement.

5.     Literature review

This section is a presentation of the scientific and academic work of your research topic. This is the work other researchers have done.

6.     Research methodology

These are approaches you will use in the research work. They should be logical and practical methods. Such methods address how data will be collected and analyzed.

7.     Limitations and ethical considerations

What are the possible limitations of your study? A research proposal should include limitations or delimitations of research. It should also address ethics when conducting the research.

8.     Timelines and budget considerations

This includes the duration the research will take. The study should be manageable despite the time and resource constraints. It presents the funding that may be required to conduct the investigation.

The following research proposal topics guide will inspire you to write and spark your readers’ interest. Brainstorm the topic ideas and select the one that interests you.

Research proposal topics for college students

A relevant and interesting topic will determine the success of a research proposal. The following is a list of interesting topic ideas that students can brainstorm

  1. How does sleep deprivation affect adults?
  2. Discuss computer development and Moore’s law
  3. Why is sunlight important in children’s hospitals? How does it influence recovery?
  4. Discuss popular alternative medicines in the U.S
  5. How can the health needs of communities be assessed?
  6. Discuss health care reforms in the U.S.
  7. Discuss the effects of nuclear weapons
  8. Discuss the impact of globalization on the economy
  9. What are the psychological issues of first responders
  10. How does obesity affect the functioning of kidneys?

Research proposal topics psychology

Psychology has existed from the years of ancient civilization until today. This scientific field studies human behavior and processes in the mind. Here are inspirational research proposal topics for psychology

  1. Why is self-perception important
  2. What are the differences in how the brain of men and women function
  3. What causes sleep paralysis
  4. What is ADHD, and how can it be treated?
  5. Discuss the causes of a panic attack
  6. Discuss social depression
  7. Discuss peer pressure and teenagers
  8. What are the ways to improve a child’s problem-solving ability?
  9. How does bullying affect mental health?
  10. What are the mental effects of racism

Research proposal topics for criminal justice

writing assignment on criminal justice means writing about crime and justice. It deals with studying how to analyze and prevent illegal activities. The following are topic ideas on criminal justice

  1. How reliable is eyewitness testimony?
  2. Discuss ways of preventing drug trafficking locally and internationally
  3. How to prevent crime during emergencies
  4. Discuss police perception and public safety
  5. Discuss gender disparity and the justice system
  6. When a person is incarcerated, what happens to their children?
  7. Discuss punishment methods for animal cruelty
  8. How should wrongful conviction cases be handled?
  9. Discuss the biases that might exist in minimum sentences
  10. Discuss the police and stress management

Research proposal topics sociology

Sociology is a broad subject that studies people and different cultural practices. Culture is always changing, and this increases the possibilities of research and essay writing. Here are inspirational sociology topics you can consider

  1. Ethnicity vs. race. Discuss the correlation and their differences
  2. Discuss food and cultural identity
  3. The impact of globalization on local culture
  4. How do media influence society?
  5. Discuss the methods of conflict resolution in college
  6. Explain how divorce affects children
  7. What is helicopter parenting?
  8. Discuss social norms and the education sector
  9. Is social media addictive?
  10. Explain how teamwork affects interpersonal skills

Good research proposal topics

Selecting good research proposal topics makes the writing process easier. Ensure the topics are interesting, clear, and concise. Here are good proposal topic ideas

  1. Is diversity in teams good or bad? Explain
  2. Explain the importance of a country’s traditional music
  3. Discuss Nikola Tesla Discoveries
  4. Discuss the effects of procrastination
  5. Discuss technology and generation gap
  6. Does beauty determine success in life
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery
  8. Discuss single parents and the laws of adoption. Explain why the laws are strict
  9. Ways of preventing cyberbullying
  10. How to prevent ecological catastrophes in third world countries

Research proposal topics on education

Education is a multidimensional field that is constantly evolving. This increases the possibilities of research and writing. Here are interesting education proposal topics

  1. Discuss education in the 21st century
  2. Elementary schools and learner diversity
  3. Pros and cons of standardized testing
  4. Methods teachers can use to raise students’ self-esteem
  5. Discuss studying techniques for students
  6. How to measure physical activity in schools
  7. Methods of improving students’ performance in school
  8. How does commuting affect the performance of a student
  9. Discuss curriculum development challenges
  10. Discuss online learning vs. in-person learning

Research proposal topics in early childhood education

Research proposal topics in the education of a child aim to build a solid foundation of learning. It addresses the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional needs of a child. Such research proposal topics in early childhood education pdf include the following

  1. The importance of policies in managing a child’s behavior in school
  2. How to improve the teacher-student relationship
  3. Discuss special needs children and special education
  4. How to identify stress in a child
  5. Discuss how the community influences a child’s performance
  6. How can stories help develop a child’s listening skills
  7. Discuss autistic children and visual therapy
  8. Impact of technology on early childhood education
  9. Discuss play and skills development in early childhood
  10. Discuss effective teaching styles in early childhood

Research proposal topics on business management

Business management involves activities performed to ensure a business operates efficiently. Here are interesting and relevant research proposal topics you can consider

  1. Conflict management at the workplace
  2. Discuss women leaders and business management
  3. Discuss challenges of small business startups
  4. Consequences of overworking in business
  5. Ways of managing inter-organizational disputes
  6. Strategies of developing new products and services
  7. Discuss inter-organizational leadership and the importance of networks
  8. Discuss the importance of innovation in business
  9. Should you start another business after failing the first time?
  10. Discuss social enterprise

Qualitative research proposal topics

This is the analysis of non-numeric data. The method used in this kind of data collection and analysis during research is inductive. The following are interesting qualitative research proposal topics

  1. The effects of stress on people’s behavior
  2. Environmental factors that help patients recover quickly
  3. Discuss how culture can help determine a person’s success rate
  4. Discuss school attendance in developing countries
  5. How efficient are teaching methods
  6. Students performance in science subjects compared to humanities
  7. Compare and contrast traditional classroom learning vs. homeschooling
  8. How to detect natural disasters
  9. How does alcohol affect a person’s behavior?
  10. What is the importance of sports in school

Research proposal topics in finance

Selecting a unique topic is critical to the success of a finance research proposal paper. Below is a list of interesting finance topics that business students can brainstorm before writing

  1. Discuss the role of finance managers
  2. Discuss the role of auditors in a global financial crisis
  3. The impact of speculation on Asian banks
  4. The effect of branding on consumer behavior
  5. Discuss audit independence and, accountability and transparency
  6. Discuss ethical concerns on corporate finance
  7. How can banks reduce financial crisis impact?
  8. Compare and contrast behavioral finance and traditional finance
  9. How does budget control affect organizational performance?
  10. How can loan default affect a bank’s profitability?

Research proposal topics in microbiology

Microbiology is an actively researched field. It deals with the study of microorganisms. Students can brainstorm the following research proposal topics in microbiology

  1. Discuss microbe interactions
  2. How do viruses impact the health of large animals?
  3. Discuss cross-contamination during fresh produce preparation
  4. Discuss temperature and the survival of viruses in fruits and vegetables
  5. How does mold grow?
  6. How does cinnamon stop bacteria growth?
  7. Discuss oral bacteria and cardiovascular disease
  8. Discuss protective microbes
  9. The dangers of tapeworms
  10. Discuss the invention of the microscope. How has it advanced microbiology

Research proposal topics in business administration

Business administration deals with the management of people, various resources, and time. Students can research the following topics and learn more


  1. How does communication advance an organization’s performance?
  2. Discuss the productivity in an organization and motivation
  3. Explain how auditing ensures an organization’s effectiveness
  4. Discuss job satisfaction vs. employee performance
  5. How does teamwork help an organization’s performance?
  6. Discuss CSR. How does it impact business performance?
  7. How to identify employee stress
  8. The effects of cultural diversity in an organization
  9. The benefits of employee training in an organization
  10. The roles of human resource managers

Research proposal topics in computer science

Computer science is one of the rapidly changing fields. New inventions make machines more powerful each day.

This increases the possibilities of researching and learning. Here are topic ideas you can consider

  1. How do humans perceive virtual reality?
  2. Discuss computer-aided education
  3. Explain support services that use computer assistance
  4. How has technology changed communication
  5. How can computers enhance the security of private information?
  6. Discuss pros and cons of cloud storage
  7. How to avoid computer viruses. Discuss the causes
  8. How has cybercrime impacted the economy?
  9. Discuss the effectiveness of biometric systems
  10. Discuss ethical hacking

Research proposal topics on nutrition

Studying nutrition helps students learn how the human body uses nutrients from food. It focuses on a person’s health, good diet, and disease. Below are inspirational topics on nutrition

  1. How to promote healthy eating
  2. How can home-cooked food promote the health of a family?
  3. Why are fruits and vegetables important for adults
  4. How to improve nutrition in public schools
  5. Discuss the importance of nutrition in sportspeople like footballers
  6. Discuss the diet of a cancer survivor
  7. Explain the importance of breastfeeding? How long should a baby breastfeed?
  8. Discuss an athlete’s diet
  9. Explain the feeding behaviors of low-income homes
  10. Explain smoking and weight loss

Research proposal topics on marketing

Marketing helps in the advancement of any business and business ideas. Here are research proposal topics on marketing you can consider

  1. Discuss the advantages of marketing on social media
  2. How can smartphones influence a customer’s decision to buy?
  3. Is marketing optional? Discuss
  4. Explain how design on packaging can influence a buyer
  5. Why are strong marketing leaders important in a team?
  6. Discuss the pros and cons of multi-level marketing
  7. Discuss psychology and marketing
  8. Explain how brands affect a buyer’s choice
  9. Discuss green marketing and the environment
  10. Discuss the relevance of T.V. advertising

Research proposal argument topics

Argument topics require you to select a subject that has at least two sides. Select one side and defend it well.

Remember to address the opposing side as well. This helps to provide readers with a well-balanced paper

  1. Discuss cultural issues and modern schools
  2. What are the benefits of small towns
  3. How can motivation improve a child’s performance?
  4. Should schools allow drug tests on sports teams?
  5. How can parents improve their involvement in their children’s education?
  6. Is sports coverage in mass media satisfactory?
  7. Discuss single-sex schools. Can it improve students’ performance?
  8. Can students’ performance be measured without grades
  9. Discuss the rights of teachers in a classroom setup
  10. Are mistakes important to learning?

Research proposal topics in supply chain management

Topics in supply chain management involve how goods and services flow from the manufacturer to the consumer. Students can research and learn more on the following relevant topic ideas

  1. Discuss challenges, key factors, and enablers of digital transformation in SCM
  2. Discuss IoT and SCM
  3. Discuss risk evaluation in supply chain
  4. What are Green SCM practices? How can it be implemented?
  5. Discuss the impact of the latest technology on logistics
  6. Pros and cons of SCM outsourcing
  7. Discuss the importance of storekeeping in companies
  8. Discuss the role of the quality department in a manufacturing company
  9. Discuss value engineering and value analysis
  10. How can inventory policy help in achieving organizational goals

Research proposal topics in logistics

Logistics is a process that deals with the acquisition, transportation, and storage of resources. When studying this field, students learn how to identify suppliers and distributors. Here are interesting logistics topics that you can research

  1. Different logistics operations in the manufacturing sector
  2. How logistics help to satisfy customers
  3. Discuss anticipatory logistics and SCM
  4. The role of warehousing in logistics
  5. The impact of Information Technology on logistics
  6. The importance of inventory on logistics
  7. Analyze information vs. logistics
  8. Discuss IoT and logistics
  9. Discuss suppliers and procurement of residential units in emerging economies
  10. Discuss agribusiness and logistics

History research proposal topics

History is a broad field, and students can research and learn about many historical events. Here are interesting proposal research topics you can consider

  1. Discuss operation Pistorius
  2. Discuss the Norse religion and Danelaw
  3. Discuss technology in WWII
  4. Explain the most significant historical event in Latin America
  5. Explain significant events in Palestine history
  6. Explore civilization in ancient Egypt
  7. Soviet Union involvement in Afghanistan
  8. Discuss Great Recession
  9. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  10. The effects of civil war

Research proposal topics in medicine

Medicine is a subject that allows students to research health from ancient times to today. The following are relevant health research topics

  1. Discuss humanitarian missions and medicine in developing countries
  2. Discuss ethics in medical research
  3. Discuss pandemics in history
  4. Explain the works of paramedics
  5. How are virus infections treated?
  6. Discuss genetic engineering
  7. What is the palliative treatment?
  8. Discuss alternative medicine
  9. What are professional diseases?
  10. Explain sleep disorders

Research proposal topics on social media

Social media has affected almost everyone’s life. People use it to find information, make friends or do business. Below are interesting research topic ideas on social media

  1. How does social media impact the youth?
  2. How celebrities manage social media pressure
  3. Discuss personal branding and social media
  4. Discuss corporate image and social media
  5. Discuss crime and social media’
  6. Explain mental health and social media
  7. Explain marketing in social media
  8. How has social media evolved?
  9. How to use images on social media
  10. Discuss social media and breaking news

Research proposal topics in music

Music is universal. It is what everybody enjoys and feels. Students can research and learn more about music. Here is a list of topics you can consider

  1. How does music affect the brain?
  2. Discuss the origin of reggae music
  3. Discuss Black music and Pop culture in the USA
  4. Discuss European music after WWII
  5. Explain musicology
  6. The effects of music on commercials
  7. How can music be incorporated into learning
  8. Discuss American Indians and music therapy
  9. Famous musicians in the 20th century
  10. Notable composers in the 20th century

Research proposal topics about environment

The environment is changing fast. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure environmental conservation. The following are excellent research topics on environmental conservation

  1. Discuss acid rain and industrial activities
  2. Explain the impact of green energy
  3. What causes global warming?
  4. Ways to stop deforestation
  5. Are national parks important? Explain their global significance.

Key takeaway

Topic selection is the most important part of writing a research paper. It determines the success or failure of your paper from the onset.

Research proposal topics that you choose should be relevant and interesting. They should inspire you and intrigue the audience.

The main purpose of a proposal essay is to convince a targeted reader to accept your research idea. Ensure all elements of a research proposal are included in your paper.

This will increase your chances of success. To learn more about excellent research paper topics, contact us.

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